Consumer Information

General Information:

Name of Institution: Southwestern University of Naprapathic Medicine Address:  2006 Botulph Rd, Suite A., Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505

Year Founded:  2006

First Accredited: Not Accredited At This Time

President: Dr. Patrick Nuzzo

Accreditation (s) and Agency E-mail Contact Information: Not Accredited At This Time

Participation in Funding Programs: SUNM does not participate in Federal Financial Aid at this time. Student payment plans are available for those who qualify.

Mission and Description:

Institution Mission Statement: Southwest University of Naprapathic Medicine (SUNM) prepares its students to successfully participate in the world of complementary manual medicine using a hybrid online and face-to-face educational model. SUNM aspires to make Naprapathic medicine the premier health management leader in the field of drug-free manual medicine.

Areas of Special Focus:

Doctor of Naprapathic Medicine (3 year accelerated program, 190 quarter credit hours)

Description of Institution:

Although Naprapathic Medicine was established in 1906 alongside of Chiropractic Medicine, New Mexico is only the second state to license the profession. SUNM is unique in three ways: 1) the program is designed as an accelerated three-year program to prepare its students to enter the profession of naprapathy; 2) the accelerated program is delivered primarily online with 75 percent of the program delivered through an online platform and 25 percent is conducted in a face-to-face setting to meet the needs of working adults and 3) it is one of just two schools of Naprapathic medicine in the United States.

The first two years (8 quarters) students participate in 6 classes per quarter. In 5 of those 8 quarters, the student attends 2 classes a week on campus and 3 of the 8 quarters, students attend 3 classes a week on campus.

At the end of the first two years (8 quarters) besides successfully passing all classes, the student must successfully pass the clinic entrance exam to progress into the third year and internship. During the third year (all 4 quarters) the students participate in 3 classes per quarter: 1 on campus and 2 online. The students must also be in the intern clinic for an additional 12 hours weekly for 50 weeks, completing a minimum of 500 Naprapathic treatments and 15 nutrition evaluation sessions with patients to qualify for graduation.

During the third year, the student must compose and defend their Naprapathic Research Project. After graduation and completing all requirements, the student must successfully pass the National Board of Naprapathic Examiners exam to be eligible to apply for licensure with the New Mexico Medical Board.

Student Demographic Profile:

The majority of students enrolled in the Doctor of Naprapathic Medicine program are adults who are looking to change their careers and are interested in pursuing a degree in Complementary Manual Medicine. Many of these students are licensed in other forms of manual or alternative medicines.


Doctor of Naprapathic Medicine (3 year accelerated program 190 quarter credit hours)

Average Program Tuition/Cost per credit hour:

$55,150 total ($18,383.33 per year, $1,531.94 monthly, $4,595.83 per quarter, $290.26 per quarter credit hour)

How SUNM Measures Student Achievement

Following SUNMs mission of “…prepares its students to successfully participate in the world of complementary manual medicine…” SUNM measures student achievement by the percentage of students who graduate, pass the National Board of Naprapathic Examiners licensure exam and who obtain professional licensure.

SUNM is proud to report that all graduates have successfully passed the National Board of Naprapathic Examiners licensure exam and obtained professional licensure. This reflects SUNM is successfully carrying out the institutional mission.

Success Indicators

Completion/Graduation Rate for ALL programs/courses: 78%

2017 Graduating Class 5/6 83%

2018 Graduating Class 5/8 62% ( two students took a leave of absence and will be graduating in 2019 which will reflect 87%)

Pass rate in National Board of Naprapathic Examiners licensure exam: 100% (all graduating classes)