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Naprapathic Doctorate Program
Learn the in-depth anatomical knowledge it takes to practice as a Naprapathic Doctor

Get the Skills to Become a Doctor of Naprapathic Medicine in as Little as 3 Years

Naprapathic Medicine is a niche “passion career” – people who are passionate about health and wellness do it because they love it. Those with a background in sports medicine, physical therapy, massage therapy, nursing, and other healthcare professions would be suited to learn Naprapathy as their prior certifications pair well with complementary medicine.

What is Naprapathy?

Naprapathy is manually applied movements, passive and active, designed to bring motion with consequent release of tension into abnormally tensed and rigid ligaments, muscles and articulations of the human body.

Naprapathic Doctors are connective tissue specialists. They evaluate people with connective tissue disorders through palpation (using one’s hands to examine the body). Naprapaths treat patients by gently manipulating vertebrae to stretch the attached connective tissue, which may be irritating the nerves as they exit the spinal column, causing pain.

Naprapaths may treat their patients in a variety of ways, via:

  • Connective tissue manipulation (working the soft tissue, or fascia)
  • Teaching therapeutic or rehabilitative exercises
  • Postural counseling
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Use of effective properties of heat, cold, light, water, radiant energy, electricity, sound, and air
  • Recommending assistive devices for the purpose of preventing, correcting or alleviating physical disability

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Our Unique Program

Although similar in some capacities, Naprapathy differs from Chiropractic in critical ways. Patients view Naprapathy as an alternative to high velocity adjustments (popping and cracking) that Chiropractors utilize to treat musculoskeletal conditions. Naprapathy gently treats range of motion, muscular tension and spinal alignment.

A requirement of SUNM’s program is that participants should already have a BA in a health, physio, or anatomy related field (although there have been exceptions, such as people with engineering and military backgrounds).

Benefits of SUNM’s program:

The program is 75% online. At this time, we only offer an accelerated program.
Students complete a 4-year program in 3 years.

The first two years (8 quarters) students participate in 6 classes per quarter. In 5
of those 8 quarters, the student attends 2 classes a week on campus and 3 of the
8 quarters, students attend 3 classes a week on campus.

At the end of the first two years (8 quarters), besides successfully passing all
classes, the student must successfully pass the clinic entrance exam to
progress into the third year and internship.

During the third year (all 4 quarters) the students participate in 3 classes per
quarter: 1 on campus and 2 online. The students must also be in the on-site intern clinic
for an additional 12 hours weekly for 50 weeks, completing a minimum of 350
Naprapathic treatments and 50 nutrition evaluation sessions with patients to
qualify for graduation.

During the third year, the student must compose and defend their Naprapathic Research Project.
After graduation and completing all requirements, the student must successfully
pass the national board to be eligible to apply for licensure with the New Mexico
Medical Board.

Course Descriptions

How Naprapathy is different from other physical therapies:

  • Naprapaths are connective tissue specialists
  • Naprapathic treatment does not require a referral from a physician
  • Sports medicine industry is flooded with competing graduates whereas Naprapathy stands out as a unique treatment.
  • Many physicians prefer Naprapathy as it is a gentler form of therapy that treats the soft tissue (fascia) that is at the root of most dis-ease. In other words, it treats the causes of chronic pain.

Career Opportunities

There is an increasing demand for complementary forms of pain management, and stress relief. Naprapathy allows practitioners to treat connective tissue ailments naturally, without the use of pharmaceutical drugs to manage stress and pain.

As a graduate of the Doctorate of Naprapathy Program at SUNM, you can pursue a career in:

  • Start your own practice (our program prepares you to do so)
  • Medical Doctors Clinics
  • Patient Centered Medical Homes
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Other Complementary Medical Practices
  • Occupational Medicine Clinics
  • Or even go on to teach in a Naprapathic College
  • and more!

Licensed practitioners are encouraged to start their own practice as Naprapathic treatment is a covered benefit by many insurance packages in the state of New Mexico.

Growing Industry

Integrative, holistic and complementary manual medicine and the treatment of fascia and connective tissue is a growing trend in the US, gaining more and more momentum daily.

It is even being incorporated into mainstream medical facilities and taught at major universities. Naprapathy represents an under-served niche market. There are currently only less than thirty licensed Naprapaths serving 300,000 insured potential clients in New Mexico alone, and 200 licensed Naprapaths nation wide.

Considering the demand for manual medicine and as fascia / connective tissue treatment become advocated by mainstream medicine, the growth rate of the Naprapathic Manual Medicine, is potentially unlimited!

Get Licensed!

Attending Southwest University of Naprapathic Medicine will allow you the potential to become licensed. In order to attain licensure graduates must have a diploma from a school recognized by the New Mexico Medical Board. They must also successfully present their Naprapathic Research Project, pass the National Board of Naprapathic Examination and pass a criminal background check to be licensed.

For more information about the licensing procedure please follow this link.

Start your Complementary Manual Medicine Journey Today…

As a catalyst for the Naprapathic movement, SUNM aims to advance Complementary Manual Medicine with the superior quality and professionalism of its graduates. If you’re ready for a rewarding career as a Doctor of Naprapathic Medicine  Contact Us and we’ll help you get started! Or give us a call at 1-505-467-8777 to speak to a friendly admissions counselor today.

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