Satisfactory Academic Progress

SUNM requires high standards of academic achievement. Written and practical exams are used as an aid in ascertaining the level of proficiency and knowledge of each student but they are not the only measures of competence. Attendance, participation, professionalism and clinical performance are other mechanisms of evaluating the progress of the student. Students must adhere to the policies in this manual.

Academic progress in a University that trains independent health care providers encompasses academic, clinical skill and professional achievement. Students must maintain sufficient academic progress to be eligible to continue their program of study. The Chair of Naprapathic Medicine reviews at quarterly all grades and evaluations regarding academic, clinical and professional competencies. Both academic performance and inappropriate conduct by a student in connection with his or her academic and clinical activities will be considered. Conduct considered unacceptable or inappropriate include, but is not limited to, violation of the Honor Code, breaches in trust or confidence or personal actions including cheating, plagiarism or unauthorized use of materials in academic exercises or examinations; misrepresentation, distortions or serious omissions in clinical care; abuse, misrepresentation or seriously improper conduct in relation to patients or colleagues in clinical training or academic settings; repeated failures without adequate excuse to meet assigned obligations in academic, clinical, and professional training and breaches of other standards of professional conduct and responsibility.


Students must maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.0 in order to be considered making satisfactory academic progress. These will be reviewed at the end of each grading period after grades have been posted to determine if the student’s CGPA is in compliance.


Students need to pass and finish each class in order to move onto the next class. In addition to the CGPA requirements, a student must successfully complete at least 100% of all credits attempted in order to be making satisfactory academic progress. Credits attempted are defined as those credits for which students are enrolled in and have incurred a financial obligation. As with the determination of CGPA, the completion requirements will be reviewed at the end of each quarter after grades have been posted to determine if the student is progressing satisfactorily.


A student is not allowed to attempt more than 1.5 times, or 150%, of the number of credits in their program of study. The requirements for rate of progress are to assure that students are progressing at a rate at which they will complete their programs within the maximum time frame of 6 years calculated from the original date of enrollment. HOW TRANSFER CREDITS AFFECT STANDARDS OF ACADEMIC PROGRESS Transfer credits are included in the maximum time in which to complete but are not counted in the CGPA and the Graduation CGPA.


At the end of each term after grades have been posted, each student’s CGPA and rate of progress is reviewed to determine whether the student is meeting the above requirements.